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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

This blog has moved!

I am now fully up and running with Constant Heart which is the new blog taking over this one. Everything has now been transferred and I am continuing the blog over at Constant Heart! Nothing has changed other than I have expanded so there is more for you to read and the layout is a little easier to navigate!

It has also had a face lift with the obvious new name! Check it out!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Constant Heart well on it's way!

Well the new blog is well under way, still a long way to go, but if you want to carry on reading my ramblings and enjoy my new recipes, pop over to 

Would love to see you all over there :-)

Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I have moved!

The Glamorous Life of a Mother and Wife has had a face lift and a spring clean!

This blog will remain for a while until everything has been transferred over, and will then be closed!

Come and check out my new blog!

Monday, 27 January 2014

"My shorts are twisted!?"

Today is a difficult day, I'm not going to lie. Today is a day where I have sat in the toilet for a couple of minutes peace and cried to let out my frustration, tiredness and relieve the feeling that I am drowning!

I have housework in abundance that needs my attention, but as it is wet outside I thought it'd be fun to build a tent for the girls with the airer, ironing board, and old sheet and a couple of blankets. All was delightful for about 15 minutes until everything started descending into chaos. Having three children means no matter how much I can multi task, I simply CANNOT get to all my children at the same time in order to help them or give them the attention they want at every point in the day.

Caleb has started teething, which despite Lara still waiting for all of her teeth, I had forgotten how horrible it is for all parties to begin with. Erin has started pre school and is loving it, but now needs a lot more attention and wants to have full blown conversations with you - which is great until it's when Caleb is screaming his lungs out and Lara has decided the toilet brush is an undiscovered magical toy!

Having taken two hours to eat my lunch (which was not very big!) trying to deal with the demands being put before me, and finally got Caleb to sleep (after fighting with a bottle with him, changing him, being weed on whilst he had a nappy and clothes on - that still baffles me (!!) and resorting in desperation to Calpol "just because"!) and have sat down with a cup of tea. It doesn't matter that it tastes completely metallic because we have a new kettle, what matters is that it is warm, and sweet, and in a big mug!!! I am truly British - a cup of tea solves most problems for a short period of time.

Having completely lost the plot when Erin told me for the millionth time that a piece of clothing was "twisted", I threw the said clothing across the room and she is happily running around half dressed!lol! Never did I think that tights would cause me so much grief in the day. Never did I think Princess shoes could potentially start the next world war, and NEVER did I think that I would literally use the phase "Be Careful!" until it completely lost all meaning!!

"No expectations" was the piece of advise that one of my best friends gave me, and I am still struggling to take it on board - I want to have no expectations, but that just frustrates me even more. Having three REALLY young children at home is so INTENSE. It's the funniest thing in the world to watch Erin take on a role when she is dressing up, and thrilling to hear Lara successfully pronounce new words, and heart warming when Caleb grins as I come up to him. But it is HARD. I have read a number of hilarious blog posts from other mummy bloggers recently about the reality of life with a young family and it is keeping me going knowing I'm not the only one. Knowing that although I feel like I'm going mental a number of times throughout the day, so are other mums all over the world. Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband to come home and rescue me every day. To all those single mummies out there - you are AMAZING!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Disaster Christmas

Well everyone, I truly hope you had a fantastic Christmas!? We did not. Actually I think it's our worst ever Christmas so far!

As of Christmas Eve, Erin came down with the notorious sickness bug that is doing the rounds at the moment. We had to cancel our friends coming over Christmas Day and it just wasn't the same. We attempted Christmas Dinner anyway, which the girls refused and Mr Strong and I ended up eating separately because Caleb needed a bottle halfway through - not quite the wonderful meal I had planned!lol!

Lara caught the bug Christmas Day evening, so Boxing Day was cancelled and my eagerly anticipated trip back to the midlands to see my family was postponed until February. I won't lie, I had an almighty pity party for a day or two. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, and we'd shaken the bug, Erin seemed to have it again. We have spent the last two weeks battling it to no avail.

New Years Day was great, the first day we were free of it and ventured out for a walk, only for the bug to rear it's head again. I can't express how disappointing our Christmas and New Year holiday has been! Our whole time that Mr Strong was off work, we have mostly been house bound but the worst thing has been not seeing any of our friends or family.

I have read a few things where people have said they've had the same but the important thing was everyone was together and that made it special. Sorry guys, I don't agree!! Yes, we had a fairly relaxing and probably needed break but after all we have been through in the last few months, it has just tipped me over the edge.

What I have learnt is that sharing our lives with other people it such a key part of our family, and our family has learnt to cope with not having much as we journey to becoming debt free, but when you then take out the pleasures of being with others and not being able to even get out to enjoy a simple walk, it makes you realise how precious the simple things are.

On a happier note, I have a new project for the new year, and was hoping for it to be live by now but due to our ill health it's not quite ready. I have a new blog in the pipeline, which will replace this one. It will still be similar content but with a face lift and reorganisation! So I do apologise if my posts will be a little quiet for a while but keep coming back - I'll announce the new blog in the next few weeks!

Have a wonderful beginning of the new year, and take some time to share your life with family and friends as soon as you can - because it's one of the richest things in life!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas has arrived in our house and it is my most favourite time of the year! After having a challenging week last week we are on the mend - Caleb is improving and his remaining cough is gradually getting better. He has just had his first immunisations so is back to not feeling his best but the light is at the end of the tunnel!

Erin's 3rd birthday is this coming Sunday, so amid my huge pile of presents to wrap I also have a Tinkerbell cake to make! The sponge is cooked and in the freezer, so on Saturday I'm quite looking forward to crafting it all - although I am cheating a little and have bought some Tinkerbell figures.

This year I haven't made anything for Christmas that is ready-homemade yet. Last year I made a Christmas cake, cooked my roast potatoes in advance, made some cranberry sauce... but I bought Erin's cake!Lol! We haven't really had our evenings with Caleb being so little so I've not had a huge amount of time (or energy) to do anything. My plan is to get a load of housework and things done at the weekend so we can relax from Erin's birthday on. We have Christmas with our close friends this year, and we are all about having an easy and relaxed day - with plenty of food and enjoying a glass of wine or two!

I made Christmas Sacks last year, which have now got the children's names on (having made an extra one for Caleb this summer!) and now I'm wishing I'd made time to make the stockings too - project for next year I think.

We have also been thinking about traditions, and this year I have started a few. We have a new Mince Pie plate for Santa and Rudolph, we have letters from Santa to be received on Christmas Eve with a goodie bag from the elves containing new pyjamas and a new story book. We are also taking the plunge getting rid of Erin's dummies! She only has them at bedtime, but as she is turning 3, I have decided that the Dummy Fairy is paying us a visit. So the day before her birthday she will receive a letter from the Dummy Fairy explaining she will be a big girl and asking for Erin to leave her dummies in a special bag. Then in the morning, the Dummy Fairy will have left a special present, and a certificate... and then we go cold turkey... I'm dreading it!lol!

I'm desperate to give this blog a bit of an overhaul and re organise it, adding in some new pages but I just haven't got the time yet - it's on my 2014 list!

What I have come to realise is that Christmas time can motivate me to do almost anything, and although I love the present giving, family time and traditions, I find myself thinking we must ensure that we bring the children up to appreciate the real meaning of Christmas. To be thankful for all we have, some years we will have little and some we will have plenty. To know that God has our best interests at heart and loves to see us being child like when it comes to him - the excitement we have for Christmas as children should be the excitement we have when it comes to God.  Not always easy when you've had tough times, but even more reason to put things in perspective.

If this time of year is difficult, or you are feeling heavy with pressures that are currently going on in your life, then take some time to rediscover your excitement, for Christmas, for God, for good times to come - have faith in Him that the new year will bring new adventures, challenges, and ultimately bring you closer to Him.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Crunch Point - where do you turn!?

The last week has been rather difficult in our household - both girls have stinking colds and Caleb was the most settled he's ever been last Tuesday... until about 4pm that day. He suddenly seemed to progressively get worse with his reflux with no obvious trigger or reason why. After a couple of days I decided he was getting quite bad and called the On Call GP who agreed to prescribe some medication but wanted Caleb to be checked the following morning. As those of you with children will know, if they are really poorly, an overnight wait can be agonising and we had a difficult night.

The GP we saw was fantastic, and after consulting with the local hospital to make sure the dosage was right, we got some medication for Caleb. He seemed to have caught the girls cold and we still couldn't work out whether it was just his cold or the reflux. As we could hear his reflux regularly, we thought that we would have to give him medication even though the prescribed formula we had recently started had been sufficient up until this point.

Caleb seemed to get worse, and after a delay waiting for the medication to arrive at the pharmacy we were finally able to administer it. That was Friday.

I went out on Saturday and took over from Mr Strong with the kids mid afternoon. He was due to go out to a work Christmas Party in the evening. Caleb seemed a little worse but not massively noticeable. At 6pm Mr Strong went out and I got the kids in bed, Lara was really unsettled as by this point she was tired and feeling quite ill. Caleb kept coughing, and was starting to wheeze quite badly, more so than the past few days. I gave him his dose of medication and expected to have a quiet night to myself.

An hour later Caleb was struggling, I gave him a bottle as he wouldn't settle and afterwards he seemed to get worse. He had a coughing fit a few minutes later, went bright red gasping for breath and his lips went blue. He couldn't breathe, and I started praying fast for his airways to open and for him to just breathe. Just breathe!! My prayer was answered and he then threw up and settled slightly. I put him in his cot to let him rest whilst I quickly asked advise off a close friend and checked the side effects of his new medication.

The instruction leaflet told me a very rare allergic reaction was difficulty breathing, wheezing and tightness of the chest. Bingo I thought and called 111. By this point Caleb's breathing was rapid and after being asked a few questions they advised that they were sending an ambulance! I burst into tears, called our close friend and neighbour to come over and text Mr Strong to come home ASAP.

The paramedics arrived and assessed Caleb who had calmed down a bit by now, but took us to A&E nonetheless. At the hospital we were told it wasn't his reflux or his medication, but a viral infection that to children and adults is just a bad cough and cold, but to babies it was serious. This RSV infection had given Caleb Bronchiolitis, and he was given an inhaler to try and bring down his rapid breathing.

He was admitted that night, tube fed to give him rest, and given oxygen to bring his levels back to normal. He was discharged the following afternoon as he had made good progress and they had determined that the infection had probably peaked at home and he would be on the road to recovery. This is a very short and simplified version of what was a very emotionally difficult time!

It's a real test of faith when your child stops breathing and you need to act fast. What would your instant reaction be?! I wasn't sure what mine would be if I'm honest, but it was turning to the only thing I know is dependable and steadfast. God.

Caleb is by no means recovered, and I think we have another week or so of getting him back to normality, but once again I can thank God for his hand over us. It has honestly been such a battle at times to help Caleb - we now have a referral appointment for mid January for his reflux to be assessed, and I am praying that this infection clears up fast. It's awful when you just can't do anything... but prayer can break down what seems like the thickest wall, the biggest hurdle, and the most complicated of situations.

Take time this week to think what your foundation is, who your support system is when you have a time of need, and what you rely on when it comes to the crunch point. If you aren't a Christian, then you might not understand how faith can be such a crucial factor in times like these, or how you can depend on something you can't see or feel. If you are curious, then I am hear to answer any questions, or if you have any friends or people who know who are Christian's then I know they would be happy to tell you how their life has changed because of their faith. Wherever you are, whatever point or stage in life you are currently in, God doesn't change, and all it takes is a moment to say "God I'm here, show me how I can know you".

When it comes to it, I am thankful that I have God to rely on, because in my own strength there are lots of things that I simply cannot do!