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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas Sacks

Woo!! My Christmas Sacks for the girls are FINALLY finished! I'm really pleased with them!
After dithering around trying to decide exactly what to put where, when I came to doing it I had a little difficulty. I am completely self taught on my sewing machine, and have learned by doing.
I decided I wanted to try Satin Stitch which is when you sew in a zig zag really close together and tight so that you can't see the gaps. You end up with a thick border which looks lovely. I was fine on straight lines but when it came to curves it was a disaster!lol! So the girls don't have their names on and I have decided to practice, practice and practice some more to get them on for next year.
I think anyone who can sew can definately have a go as I have cheated and used a number of shortcuts!
I used a big (massive!) pillow case that I found in the IKEA bargain corner so I didn't have to make the sack, then used a template to cut out and applique a tree onto another piece of fabric. I used the satin stitch around the outside of the tree and then a decorate stitch that is automatic on my sewing machine on the cream fabric. I then simply stitch on some ribbon at the back of the pillowcase in the middle at the top to then tie around so I didn't have to make a drawstring.
I am so pleased with them! And I reckon it cost me around £5 if not less to make each one - FAR cheaper than I could have bought.
My plan is to get either their initial or names on below the tree, or I might make a felt heart hanging decoration with their names hand stitched on, that I can then thread through the ribbon so it will hang down when it's tied (I quite like this idea!).
My project for Christmas next year is stockings! I have made two stockings before for my parents out of soft teddy bear material but I want to have some that all match for all four of us. Mr Strong and I really wouldn't fill a Christmas Sack each, or even if we shared one so those are just for the girls!
Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and stay posted for more in the New Year!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Craft: Paper Plate Angels

It was my turn to lead the church creche last week and do an activity with five nursery and reception age children.
I knew you could very simply make angels from paper plates but found a great blog online with good instructions and they turned out brilliantly! Unfortunately, the one Erin did got chewed by Lara and is now very soggy in our bin so can't give you a photo but take a look and have a go!
Cheap, easy and great Christmas activity!

I've got to make what?!

Since moving to Norfolk, we have tried to throw ourselves into things and get involved.

Mr Strong bravely volunteered to be in our new church's Panto, having never done anything like it before. He would have been happy with a small part, and having been part of an acapella choir back in Loughborough we thought it'd be a good challenge for him.

He has been given a part as a panto dame! Never having put makeup on before (to my knowledge!) and will be in full costume next weekend.

We are great friends with the panto writer and director, and were advised that Mr Strong would have a costume hired in. But I needed to create some SIZE 12 shoes and ... wait for it ... some comedy boobs!!!

Shoes are solved by buying some black mens plimsoles and I need to stick some sequins and probably tinsel on, but the boobs!?

So, I sat last night (on my birthday!) and spend 3 hours at my sewing machine ranting that I just couldn't do it!Lol! However, this morning, Mr Strong now has a nearly complete bra (just need to finish the straps and velcro on the back)!

Never, did I ever imagine I would be making such a contraption! But it's come out quite well! Not neat but hey, no one is going to see it anyway!

It's amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas already!?!

This is the first year that I feel completely unprepared for Christmas, we seem to be so busy permanently! I have the turkeys in the freezer and presents bought (we are having a frugal Christmas so that has reduced my list) but I can't quite believe that it is nearly upon us!
I have so much that I want to post on this blog, and it seems another week may go by until I can get it all on!
Next week things are a little quieter so watch this space! (I mean it this time!)
Recipes, crafts, pictures, tips.
If anyone finds a clock that stops time, can I borrow it please!?
Stay tuned, normality should resume very soon :-)