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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

30 Day Shred Fitness DVD by Jillian Michaels

Hello readers!

Right, I have actually done my 30 Day Shred workout 3 times now! I wanted to see how it went for the first few times before I posted about it!

Day 1

The girls have both had a sleep after lunch at the same time for a few days now so on Monday, as I usually do when they're both asleep, I sat down to catch up on some TV that I had recorded. Monday's pick was Call The Midwife which I had completely forgotten was on Sunday night.

About 2 minutes in I thought to myself "This is silly, you've got a perfect opportunity to do your DVD, but can you be bothered!?" At once I jumped up (quite unlike me!) and decided that I needed to do it once to get into it, and I really needed to stop the excuses!

So, Monday I did it, bare foot (I know, I know, I've now found my trainers!) and with my hand weights which arrived last week. I did think I was going to die about 5 minutes in but knew if I pushed past it, doing a 20 minute workout each day is very achievable even with a 2 year old and a 10 month old!

I certainly worked up a sweat and it really pushed me - there are 3 levels and within those a hard and easier version. So I did the easier version on Level 1. The idea is that as you get fitter, you go up the levels but it still remains 20 minutes.

After sitting down for 10 minutes to cool down, I got up to go and get changed and immediately felt my leg muscles! Later on that day I nearly fell down the stairs as I couldn't move very easily - my body must have got the shock of it's life to be made to do exercise!lol!

Day 2

I woke up and REALLY felt my muscles! But thought I'll do it again and see how I feel. I was due to go out so decided to do it whilst Lara had her morning nap and Erin was playing. Realistically I'd not want to do it in the afternoon and wasn't sure I'd get the chance.

Erin thought it was great for a while and joined in, then seemed quite put out that she couldn't watch Peppa (which I just told her she'd have to wait!), I again did it bare foot but vowed to find my trainers that night (I bought some cheap running/fitness trainers a year or two ago and never used them much only inside so knew they'd be great).

I immediately noticed I could do more than the previous day and pushed through a bit more, finding it went quicker second time around. I also vowed that as we have a hard floor (lino but still very hard!) I would order myself a yoga mat - I had resorted to using the baby changing mat!lol! I have a tendency to start things, order all the kit and then not use it but definitely need it for this!

By the evening I was really struggling and could feel the muscles in my legs aching but already felt an improvement in my legs!

Day 3

Today, I did it this morning again, more to make sure I did it! I wasn't sure if I should as my legs (again, seems to be where I'm noticing it more) were really aching and didn't want to do myself any harm. But I know that if you push through it, then sometimes it eases aches doing more exercise than if you have a break for a day (someone told me that somewhere - don't hold me to it!). Also I fully recognise I have more motivation in the morning so it seemed sensible to do it whilst Lara slept again.

Armed with my trainers it was tons better, and again noticed it was a little easier. Still working up a sweat but feeling really good about it. Seemed to go quicker again today, and I'm hoping my mat arrives in the next couple of days. I'm not aching as much and feel great an hour later.

I'm really impressed, for 20 minutes a day it's been fantastic. I was a little sceptical at first - I have always done Rosemary Conley's 1 hour or so DVD's but simply cannot fit those in whilst I've got the girls and by the time they're in bed the last thing I want to do is exercise! I can't afford the gym or fitness classes and know I wouldn't keep going. 20 minutes is great because it's quick enough to "get it over and done with" without much disturbance to the day.

It promises that along with a healthy eating plan, to shed 20lbs in 30 days - I am in no way looking for the result (although wouldn't complain!) but my mindset is that this will just be my new routine doing it once a day. There will be days that I can't, but if I can't fit 20 minutes in most days then there's a problem!

I desperately want to lose weight and get fitter. Now having had the girls, but always having been overweight, I need to change my habits and get on with it.

I highly recommend this DVD, please be aware that these are my own opinions and not an official review.

How do you stay fit and healthy? Any tips on great ways to do this whilst juggling a young family?!

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