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Friday, 11 January 2013

Progress... 50%!?

Well, I sit here eating my Nutella on toast having NOT done my workout DVD at all yet!lol!

I have however, got on top of some washing, and some bits around the house, made some cakes and kept the girls reasonably happy! Friday couldn't have come sooner though this week!

My one major piece of news this week is that I have acquired a preloved desk to be turned into a sewing station! It is currently in situ in our bedroom waiting to be worked on - I can't explain how excited I am that I now have my own space! I won't have to faff around for 20 minutes, trying to get all my stuff out as I can now leave it ready. My sewing bag is at the top of my wardrobe so I always have to battle the endless strands of ribbon that fall out when I try and get it, and if I'm not being careful the sewing machine pedal plummets to meet my forehead - never pleasant!

My mission tomorrow morning is to find a pvc table covering for it so that I have a good surface to work on, and I need a few storage things for my collection of material, buttons, ribbon etc. I have recently raided our local sewing shop and come away with some great clearance bargains!

My cream felt arrived yesterday, ready for me to make my needle holder and I plan on making a matching pin cushion - who knew they could be so expensive for a nice one!

There will be a new page dedicated to my sewing projects - I have no training on the sewing machine, just a lot of ideas so I'm planning on having a go and seeing what I can create.

I used to do all sorts of craft things and I really miss it, I now have a place I can do that, and finally make some time for me!

So, I would say progress is about 50% of what I had planned on achieving this week but that's ok. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves (well I certainly do) in January to get sorted and it isn't the end of the world if it waits until February. We set ourselves up for failure if we don't be realistic that actually life can get in the way and let's not kid ourselves - I'd much rather start a sewing project than spring clean the house!Lol!

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