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Friday, 25 January 2013

Sewing Station

On Facebook I follow a number of people who have their own businesses making various crafts and handmade things. Not long after Christmas, one of the ladies who makes bags posted a picture of her workshop. I immediately became jealous of such a wonderful space to have everything out and within reach.

Now obviously she needs this to run her business but I thought, "That is what I'm missing in my life"! So I searched online to see if anyone else had a space to call their own for sewing, to find a wide range of "sewing station" ideas.

I used to make crafts a lot when I was younger and as the years have gone by, particularly since having the girls, I haven't really done much. About 2 years ago, I was given some money and I decided to invest in a new sewing machine, knowing it would be a great skill to have and not something I would think to be the top of my list when we had spare cash.

So, after seeking approval from Mr Strong, we agreed I could set up a table or desk in our bedroom so that I could have my own space to sew or do craft things to my hearts content. With the girls around, I rarely get large chunks of time, and to have everything set out ready to go would mean I could do 20 - 30 mins of something without spending half that time getting all my kit out.

Being on a very tight budget meant I couldn't go out and buy exactly what I would have liked but I am really pleased with the outcome. (A pine, shabby chic desk with ceramic drawer knobs and a storage shelf system was most definitely out of our price range!)

We found this (see below) on Gumtree for £15, and having watched a few things on ebay going for around £25 decided this would be a great compromise, drawers for storage and not too big as to overpower the room. I had looked at all sorts of furniture with the view that I could paint or get Mr Strong to make changes if needed, if we could get something cheap. Turns out that actually buying a desk that was almost identical in colour laminate to our bedroom furniture, and didn't need any work at all, was the cheapest option!

The laminate on top was slightly damaged but add in one of our old dining chairs it certainly would serve it's purpose. Next job was to find some PVC fabric to cover the top, not only to brighten it up but so that I would have a smooth surface to work on without fear of snagging fabric etc.

After looking online, again thinking that was the cheapest option, I popped down to The Range and found that I could buy fabric to the nearest 10cm that I needed, and also saved paying postage. For less than £3.50 I bought the following and with the assistance of Mr Strong just tacked it in place.

Finally, after looking all over the place for nice but decently priced handles (and choosing some but sending them back!) I got these for £3.30 each. The original ones I ordered were £2.99 each and were very cheaply made, but these are well worth the extra 31p each!!!

So, for less than £30 total, I got myself a wonderful and personalised sewing station when I would have spent far more than that doing up an old piece of furniture! I'm so pleased with it - just need to unpack all my bits and pieces ready for the sewing to begin! Although one thing I hadn't accounted for - was how uncomfortable the chair is!lol! I may just have to buy one more thing - a cushion!


  1. You could make a cushion! I've been inspired to sort something similar out for me to craft and write at in our spare room. Watch this space!

    1. I could do, and debated it, but to be honest I've seen one I love on ebay!lol!! (Defeats the sewing station I know!)

      Ooo, look forward to seeing your new space :-) x


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