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Sunday, 27 January 2013

War Paint

This morning as I was putting on my make up, I was thinking about how we constantly face feelings of inadequacy in such a perfectionist world.

Constantly subjected to images of thin, beautiful women (sometimes airbrushed), encouraged to change ourselves to be how others feel we should be.

When I was younger, I would rarely go out without make up. It made me feel beautiful, and confident, and helped to ease my feelings of wanting to be someone else. I vowed that I would never be one of those mums who "let herself go" - left the house without make up, in joggers, without styling her hair. THEN I HAD CHILDREN!!!

To have a shower was (for me) absolute minimum, but the rest was not necessary - if I had time to enjoy some peace and quiet - do my hair, carefully put my make up on, then that was a bonus.

How naively did I think that putting my make up on made me a better person. I often refer to putting it on as "putting my face on", which I'm sure will sound ridiculous to the girls in a few years time. It struck me this morning that I no longer put it on to make me feel better, but because I enjoy the process I take in doing it.

Whether I put my make up on or not, I do daily put on my war paint. Daily looking the enemy in the eye, who will try and make me feel inadequate. Who will make me feel like I'm not good enough, that I should be trying to be something else. Daily making the choice to accept who I am, and that I have been wonderfully and fearfully made in His image, from a blueprint of perfection.

In today's society, it is so easy to feel like we fall short in so many ways, and yes, we all have certain hang ups that we try to overcome. But it is so important not to lose who you are, and to be proud of what you have achieved... and if you're not, find someone to help you.

Unfortunately we are all required to put on our war paint everyday, but our reward is loving ourselves, just for being you. If you are struggling with this, find a close friend and share how you feel - chances are they will be able to tell you what a wonderful person they see through their eyes.

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