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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Under Attack

As I sit and type this, I am coughing and spluttering, can barely talk, can't really hear, definitely can't smell or taste and look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards. My ears are ringing but my head is clearing slightly, enough that I think I can just about manage a blog post. I am surviving on very little sleep and taking a number of pills and potions. The cause - a viral infection.

Myself, Erin and Lara all seem to have this viral infection that I think is doing the rounds. Since last Friday I have felt progressively worse as the days go by, and after a trip to the doctors on Monday evening, was told that they couldn't give me anything - just keep talking paracetamol, ibuprofen etc.

Sunday morning was mega busy at church, I was leading the youngest kids work group, Ben was shadowing on the PA as he is due to start on the rota, and our small group was also on Teas and Coffees. I was just praying that my voice would hold out enough to teach the children about "Kindness", after miming the worship songs, and that we would all make it to lunchtime without disaster.

Lara had been unwell on Saturday, but seemed to be coping, and Erin seemed very sleepy and not quite herself so we dosed her up and carried on.

Making it through church and the tasks we had, we came home and had a fairly laid back afternoon. Mr Strong went out with his brother to pick something up and although feeling quite rough I decided to try and make some dinner.

Lara was with me, and Erin was upstairs in the lounge watching a DVD. I heard Erin crying, an unusual cry, and ran upstairs. I found her slumped in her Peppa Pig Chair, having been sick and was shaking. I tried to pick her up and realised she was completely limp and wasn't responding to me. I ran downstairs, grabbed Lara and made sure she was secure and safe upstairs with us and rang a close friend unsure of what to do. She immediately advised ringing 999 and came over within minutes to take care of Lara.

Erin was having a seizure. The paramedics quickly turned up, did an assessment, and as Erin was still unresponsive we went into the ambulance and were taken straight to A&E. Just before we left our road, Mr Strong returned home and we agreed to meet at the hospital.

Trying to keep my composure and if by any chance Erin could see my reaction, I didn't want to worry her. Our journey picked up pace, and ended up with lights and sirens as Erin continued to be unresponsive. By the last part of the journey she had opened her eyes but wasn't focussing on anything or anyone.

I walked in a back door with the paramedics with Erin in my arms, and placed her straight on a bed where doctors were waiting for us. Erin had had a Febrile Convulsion caused by a high temperature due to the viral infection. She lay on the bed, fell asleep and gradually cooled down. After a couple of hours she came around, passed the doctors tests and after some juice and biscuits returned to more like the Erin we know.

She wasn't phased at all, commenting on the red light on her toe and the purple leaves on the curtains, and that was it. After such a scary few hours, our daughter seemed to be well on the way to recovery with minimal consequences. By biscuit number 3 her coordination had returned and we were released to go home.

We are so thankful to God that the community of friends and church family around us jumped into action so quickly, covering us all with prayer, practically helping with Lara, and rallying alongside us offering any help that we needed. We are even more thankful to God for keeping Erin safe and from harm.

I will continue to be away from blogging for the rest of the week whilst we all continue to recover. I hope you are having a much healthier time than we are! If you are in need in any way, call on friends and family who are always there when we need them, better still, call on Him, and He will answer. 


  1. Just discovered this blog through Jess at catch a single thought... So glad to hear everything worked out OK. How scary that must've been! Hope you all recover quickly.

    1. Hi, Yes Jess' blog is brilliant! It was horrible at the time, and I've been quite paranoid about the girls' temperatures since, although both seem better now. It just never crossed my mind that it would happen, although I guess you are never prepared for things like that!
      Thanks for posting :-) x


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