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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Whirlwind Week!

What an up and down week!
I started Monday feeling dreadful, but being a stay at home mummy I'm not entitled to sick days. Instead I spent most of the day in my PJ's and watching TV!
On Tuesday I didn't feel too bad and went out in the morning with Mrs Polkadot but made the MASSIVE misjudgement to try out the new buggy board with our single pushchair.
Lara was fine in the pushchair but after playgroup Erin was shattered and it was a LONG walk home! I made two giant chocolate cakes on Tuesday too, one for our church small group on Thursday night and one for Wednesday morning when a couple of us were having a play date.
So Wednesday was fine - it involved slabs of chocolate cake and good company! I also made the cupcakes for a church event we have on today, so made about 70 Wednesday night and put them in the freezer. Only 58 made it past quality control, I had been a bit over zealous and overfilled a few - those have stayed in the freezer to accompany custard at some point!
Thursday, I was grumpy in the morning, for various reasons and felt that doing my workout (which hadn't been done for 3 days due to feeling ill / not having time) would be beneficial. It was done before 8.30am - personal best - but my left leg muscle wasn't feeling right and after doing it made it worse!lol! So I looked like a wonky hobbling rabbit for the afternoon!!! (I haven't done it since - back to it next week!)
Friday (as Thursday was payday) was full blown shopping day! Girls needed new clothes, shoes, we needed food etc etc so spent most of the day visiting shops or in the car driving to a shop!! But I did then decorate the cupcakes - 3 hours later they were complete and I have to say I am pleased with the results.
So here we are, finally at the weekend! Mr Strong is out this morning at the men's session of the church event, he'll come home for lunch then I'll go to the women's session with Mrs Polkadot later.
We are entertaining Mrs Polkadot and her husband this evening (I still need to come up with a name for him!) and I am thoroughly looking forward to having a good laugh!
Tomorrow is Sunday, and after church I think I might start on a sewing project. I've had a number of things going through my mind and the most frustrating thing is not having the time to do any of them.
Best laid plans...! I might end up having an afternoon snooze!!
I hope you are all having lovely weekends - isn't it funny how some weeks seem to meander on by and others just feel like you've been stuck in a whirlwind!
Happy Saturday!

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