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Monday, 1 April 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Well we've had a busy but great Easter and it's not quite over yet. We had some friends from the Midlands stay with us, and on Good Friday went for a walk and had lunch with our growth group at church.

We have had such busy weekends recently, we've not really had time to stop. But it has been great to be doing things and spending quality time with our friends. After having the girls, each time it took a while to come out of the "baby bubble" and get back into the habit of having people over. Despite having days when I wish we had no plans, those days tend to be full of guilt of what cleaning etc I "MUST get done"! Which inevitably don't!lol!

I want to have a culture with our friends that they can just drop in, or even better just walk in our door shouting "Hi" and put the kettle on!Lol! I'm sure I've posted before about this culture seeming to have disappeared in our generation, but it's important to be in and out of each others homes and lives regularly to build community with each other.

We have been so thankful to have so many people come and visit us since moving to Norfolk, and we are continuing to see people more than when we lived there - as in quality time, not saying a quick "Hi, good week!?" at church or in the street.

I am very thankful this weekend particularly for all we have and all Jesus did for us in order to have the freedom and choice to live our lives, ultimately to live it for Him.

For me, Easter has always been a time for friends and family, much like Christmas but without copious amounts of food and presents. A time to share a meal, share some time, have some fun and remember that He did not have to die for us - but out of Love He chose to save us.

I am so looking forward to the weather improving as I'm sure most of us are! When time with friends can be longer, out in the fresh air, picnics on the beach, walks in the countryside, and most of all, the feeling of an easier life that summer seems to bring.

Whatever you are doing this Easter, have a good one, make time for others and enjoy the wonderful life that we have been given out of Love.

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