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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Spring, seriously where are you!!??

So it's inevitable living in this country that we will have many miserable and overcast days, but seriously, where is Spring!!???

The beauty of British weather is that sometimes it can take just one day to switch seasons. We have been waiting for the day now, and we are almost half way through April with nothing in sight except a few daffodils!

I love Spring, it's warm and bright, and not too hot, and the air smells lovely! I am longing for the days when I want to be outside as much as possible, and able to take the girls for walks.

We moved to Norfolk in the Summer, and so by the time we had settled properly, we were entering Autumn. I can't wait to start exploring our new county in the nicer months, especially considering we have countryside surrounding us.

The estate we live on is new, and still being built. When we moved here our house way the only one completed on our street. We now have an almost complete street and they have recently laid the grass down on some of the properties - and it looks SO nice!

Let's hope we haven't got long to wait, and that by the time it arrives, we will have continues nice weather until Autumn!!!

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