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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Introducing "Baby" - Choosing baby names

So, we have entered in to Royal Fever in our household, checking the news regularly to see if there are any more updates on the Cambridge family.

I find it fascinating when parents don't have a name chosen ready for the birth of their child, or at least a shortlist that can bring a quick decision upon seeing their little ones face. I have never been in the camp of thought that I needed to see my children before I named them. To me, all babies look very similar when born and it's only when you get to know their characters that you know who they are, and by that point you can't have called them "the baby" for 6 months!

I like to think of myself as being organised by nature, and I like to plan ahead as far as I can (which isn't always possible!) so when it came to choosing the girls' names we were pretty sorted at least 6 weeks before I was due. We had found out they were girls at the 20 week scan, so it did give us more focus on choosing names. We couldn't really settle on a boys name, and both would have been Joel James had the sonographers got it wrong! These were the only two names we could agree on so I don't know what we would have done if both were boys!!

Girls name choices are abundant in lovely pretty names, unusual names and we found a number that we really liked. We have always looked at the meanings of the names and if not favourable or what we had in mind it was crossed off the list. Our girls are Erin Allegra and Lara Isabelle. Erin meaning "Peace" and Allegra meaning "Joyful"; Lara meaning "Cheerful" and Isabelle meaning "God's promise".

We believe that just as in the Bible, names bring about characters, that we wanted to name our children with intent. It was important to give their names purpose. Each of our daughters' names were chosen for various reasons at the time and we had a number which although we liked, just weren't quite right.

So when we found out we were pregnant again I was not looking forward to having to choose yet another name, especially if it was a girl - we were running out of options!! Never did I think we were actually having a boy, and nearly fell off the bed when the sonographer told us so!

Joel James has been thrown out the window, as we have come to the conclusion that reusing the name isn't very fitting and doesn't reflect the purpose we want to set right from the start. We have just about settled on a first name, with a reserve which I think we have realistically discounted, but the middle name is still a work in progress. However, by the time we get to 39 weeks (when I am due to have a planned section) we WILL have it figured out.

There is a lady I know at one of the Tots groups I go to who 5 days after having her second little boy, still wasn't sure on what his name was. Her partner was calling him what they thought would end up being his name but she wasn't 100% sure. Each to their own but for me I find it mind boggling having a child with no identity because they are nameless.

I feel for William and Kate, because there is such a huge responsibility to choose the right name, and it will be read into through history and in as many ways as people can, rather than them having the freedom to choose a name they "fancy". I hadn't realised until I read something online that there was a weeks wait for William's name and a months wait for Charles' name (I think I've remembered that right). Hopefully, given a few days to adjust to the enormous change having your first child brings, and with William being on paternity leave, they will have the peace and freedom to finalise their decision - ready for the waiting media!

I love the fact that we have such history in our country, and that we have a royal family adding to the heritage that our country brings. What I also love is how patriotic people are and how the royal family bring people together. We might have to put up with lots of memorabilia being produced, but when it's a cute as Tommee Tippee's new Limited Edition range, I think I might be indulging this time!!!

For more information on Tommee Tippee's new Royal Baby range, and to see the adorable "Princess" version, click here!

As a long time customer of Tommee Tippee I will definitely be going out to buy my Prince one of these!

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are my own, and are from a genuine Tommee Tippee customer.


  1. Hi Jenn, I'm think K&W probably did have the names chosen, but chose not to reveal them straight away - media savvy royals ;-)

    We had girls names chosen for both boys, but were still debating boys names when they were born. Tim would have been Elizabeth (Beth) but I don't remember now what Sam would have been.
    I would have liked a Ryan, but Ryan Riman ... no way!

  2. They do seem to know what they are doing in the savvy department!

    Ryan Riman - he might not have forgiven you!lol! x


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