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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Travel Potty Liners - Bargain home made!

Now, I cannot claim credit for this, someone I know recommended this way of saving money and I think its genius!
We are now only the second week of Erin being potty trained, and all is going well. Still the occasional accident but as we are starting to venture out more and more, it's really her learning to remember to go!
We bought a Potette Plus Travel Potty, as I decided with soon to be 3 children under 3 years old it will get well used, especially if we take longer journeys on holiday or days at the beach.
The liners are quite expensive, which didn't phase me to begin with as I knew having it would be worth it. However, on our first outing to the park, we went through 3 liners and were out for less than an hour. Erin hadn't even managed to get more than a drop in the potty at the time!! So it quickly dawned on me that this could be an expensive hobby!
I trawled the Internet to see what the best deal was, and then by chance a lady I know asked if she'd ever told me her trick! It flooded back that she had but the specifics were lost somewhere in my brain.
As we are trying to save money where we can, and it being near the end of the month, pennies are tight. I decided it sounded like such a good money saving idea I'd try it. So tonight I have just sat and made my first batch.
You will need:
10L Pedal Bin Liners (Value ones)
Size 5 Value Nappies
A pair of scissors!
  1. Cut the sides of the nappies off so you are left with the just the nappy pad.
  2. Cut this pad into 4 pieces (roughly squares).
  3. Place one square in the bottom of a bin liner - I have fully opened 3 liners to "load" onto the potty.
  4. Remaining liners - I have opened only one layer so there's a bit of a tube to push a square pad to the bottom, then folded it up and put them into a sandwich bag to store with our travel potty.
  5. That's it!!
I have yet to try one out, but already in comparison they look like they'll absorb more and they are a FRACTION of the price of the proper ones.
To be fair, if we were comfortable financially I wouldn't have even considered this as I am generally someone who believes it's better to get the proper products than try and "mackle together" your own. I am very glad I tried this out.
Give it a go - the worse that could happen is you don't get on with them and revert back to the expensive method!

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