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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Home Alone - What did we do before children!?

Well this last weekend has been a real eye opener! After confessing to my close friend last night that both I and Mr Strong were struggling with exhaustion and had a long list of tasks to complete, she offered to have the girls for a few hours on Saturday afternoon. I gratefully accepted, despite my usual "thanks, but we'll be ok" response coming to mind, I knew we needed a break! She then offered to give them tea and have them overnight - tea was accepted but I declined overnight, convinced that Erin wouldn't settle.

The girls love the family in question, and they have a daughter who is between Erin and Lara's ages so they all play together often. Lara being in a cot would be fine, but Erin in a single bed, in a room of their eldest daughter who had lovely things to open and get into... I wasn't convinced she'd stay in bed without ransacking the room first!Lol!

When Saturday came, and the offer of overnight was repeated, I considered it again, explaining my only reservation was Erin's likelihood of getting into mischief! My friend quite rightly said it would be their problem to sort out as we wouldn't be there! So, I gratefully accepted!

Mr Strong was over the moon and I have to say I was relieved to have some time to get on with our "to do" list! So we set off working our way through the jobs and I spent about 4 hours ordering the vast amounts of children's clothes we had in the garage - ones the girls had outgrown and ones we have been given for our little boy who will arrive in October. The sense of achievement was amazing! I had forgotten how much I can achieve when I have no interruptions!

We had a relaxed tea, and then went out for a walk - trying to remember what we did in the evenings before we had children was amusing! We had the freedom to do whatever we liked but our minds went blank!!

It was eerily quiet in the house whilst the girls were away, and it felt very empty. The only time I have been away from them overnight is a couple of times I have visited my parents for the weekend (whilst Mr Strong had the girls) or when I was in hospital having Lara (so I wasn't technically without one of them!). Both of us said we weren't sure we liked it!! How I have craved peace and quiet this last few months, and now we had it, I wasn't sure I liked it!lol!

...When my alarm sounded the following morning, and I realised I didn't actually have to get up, the bliss of ignoring it and turning over was immeasurable!!! I leisurely got up, trying to keep quiet so Mr Strong could stay in bed but at 8am whilst I was in the shower, Mr Strong had got up and started hoovering! The house was tidy, and clean, and it was lovely!

I collected the girls and was so grateful to our friends for the much needed break. Since Saturday I have felt tons better and back to my normal self. I hadn't realised how much everything was getting to me, and now realise the importance of making sure we have a break every few months, not only for our own good but for the knock on effect it has on the girls too.

Whilst still feeling the usual tiredness from pregnancy, I'm finding things manageable, I think because my head is now straight and I can think rationally again. I am almost 32 weeks pregnant, and will be having the baby in 8 weeks time. I finally feel like I can cope with this last stretch!

It's amazing what some peace and quiet, and a little time to yourself can do to revive the soul!

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