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Friday, 23 August 2013

Life Unknown

Mr Strong and I had a rather serious conversation last night, about jobs, finances, things we want to teach our children, and opportunities we want to be able to give them.

For us at the moment, it is quite frustrating that things are financially tight, and will remain so for another couple of years if we are realistic. It's very easy to see what other people are doing, and feel like we should be able to do the same things.

We know that this season is not an easy one, from what has already happened and what is likely to happen over the next year. We are tried and tested, and we are stretched. We have to remind ourselves that we cannot plan for the future at the moment, but all we can do is make wise decisions for the next three to six months ahead of us, and continue to do so as best we can.

We have now been in Norfolk for just over a year, and eighteen months ago would not have predicted we would have made the move. The doors opened at the right time, and we believe God was in the decision completely - guiding us through the details as we sorted out uprooting our family from what was familiar.

Things will get better, we are certain of that, but wasting time trying to plan ahead when we don't know what God has in store for us is foolish. Concentrating on the here and now, particularly as we have a baby due in less than 2 months is our priority... in fact making it through until then is my only focus at the moment! Baby brain allows for little else!

There are a number of things I had planned in my head that I wanted to achieve by now. But life hasn't turned out that way. These things were planned when I was starting my independent life not long after completing my A-Levels and then going off to Uni. The world was my oyster and it is very easy to feel right now that I have dashed all of my hopes of achieving any of those things on my list. Priorities have shifted, and life has brought along choices, of which none I regret.

I have just over a year until I turn 30, and I am in a completely different place than I would have predicted. I am one for organising everything I can, I'm not a fan of surprises purely because I like to know I've organised everything!! Life isn't like that!

Being spontaneous and recognising the opportunities in front of us is what it is all about, and making sure that ultimately we are putting God's plans for us first and letting the rest slot into place behind. Let's face it, His plan is far better than ours, and has no limits - we can limit ourselves without realising. And that's the crucial point we mustn't miss - we have no idea what the plan for us is, and we have no idea how mind blowing it is, but we have to keep reminding ourselves of that when we are finding our current situation difficult. Whether that is because it hasn't aligned with our own plans, whether things are stretched, uncomfortable and out of our comfort zones, or even if things just seem to be sailing along nicely and we are aching for adventure.

We are living in the unknown, whether we like it or not! The best thing we can do is make wise decisions for the foreseeable future and not forget there is a bigger picture, we can only guide our next steps so far and then we must rely on God to do the rest. I'm just REALLY glad that there is no one better to put our trust in than Him!

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