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Friday, 8 November 2013

Transformation In Progress

It's been a while... a ridiculously long time!
Having survived the last few months of what has been my most challenging pregnancy physically, and now having welcomed our lovely little (well, he's not little - born at 9lb 10oz!) son Caleb into the world, we are now almost a month into being a family of 5!

We are adjusting to the demands of our new life as a completed family, and slowly finding a new balance. Transformation is in progress of what I believe will be the grounding of something wonderful to come.

We are finding, as all new parents do, that there aren't enough hours in the day, and that somehow we are managing to just about keep afloat of the important household chores and responsibilities. Having had a c section, I am recovering well, although I am finding it frustrating that I have to take things a little easier than I would like - patience has never been one of my virtues!!

I took all three children out earlier in the week, this being the first week I have been on my own since Mr Strong returned to work, and as the day was going well I figured it'd just be the cherry on the top. Well. It. Was. A. NIGHTMARE. After a number of tantrums, and me completely overdoing it, the outcome was a very stressed out and sore me, and a very distraught daughter.

Knowing that the biggest challenge would be the logistics of having three young children and only one pair of hands, my fears were realised as I found I couldn't handle it and would need to drastically rethink my approach. Practically, I need to make adjustments, but all in time.

Right now, I am looking forward to the weekend and finding a peaceful place and just being on my own for a while!lol! I'm sure any parent can relate to this, and I don't feel guilty for saying it!!

Now that our family is complete, I find myself gearing up for the next phase - until Christmas we will be in survival mode but in the new year I want to re focus. There are a number of goals I have for next year, and those I will share with you another time, but it's time to be refreshed and transformed ready for what is to come!

But for now, it's nearly 4pm on a Friday afternoon, and that means it's nearly the weekend! Have a good one x

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