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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas has arrived in our house and it is my most favourite time of the year! After having a challenging week last week we are on the mend - Caleb is improving and his remaining cough is gradually getting better. He has just had his first immunisations so is back to not feeling his best but the light is at the end of the tunnel!

Erin's 3rd birthday is this coming Sunday, so amid my huge pile of presents to wrap I also have a Tinkerbell cake to make! The sponge is cooked and in the freezer, so on Saturday I'm quite looking forward to crafting it all - although I am cheating a little and have bought some Tinkerbell figures.

This year I haven't made anything for Christmas that is ready-homemade yet. Last year I made a Christmas cake, cooked my roast potatoes in advance, made some cranberry sauce... but I bought Erin's cake!Lol! We haven't really had our evenings with Caleb being so little so I've not had a huge amount of time (or energy) to do anything. My plan is to get a load of housework and things done at the weekend so we can relax from Erin's birthday on. We have Christmas with our close friends this year, and we are all about having an easy and relaxed day - with plenty of food and enjoying a glass of wine or two!

I made Christmas Sacks last year, which have now got the children's names on (having made an extra one for Caleb this summer!) and now I'm wishing I'd made time to make the stockings too - project for next year I think.

We have also been thinking about traditions, and this year I have started a few. We have a new Mince Pie plate for Santa and Rudolph, we have letters from Santa to be received on Christmas Eve with a goodie bag from the elves containing new pyjamas and a new story book. We are also taking the plunge getting rid of Erin's dummies! She only has them at bedtime, but as she is turning 3, I have decided that the Dummy Fairy is paying us a visit. So the day before her birthday she will receive a letter from the Dummy Fairy explaining she will be a big girl and asking for Erin to leave her dummies in a special bag. Then in the morning, the Dummy Fairy will have left a special present, and a certificate... and then we go cold turkey... I'm dreading it!lol!

I'm desperate to give this blog a bit of an overhaul and re organise it, adding in some new pages but I just haven't got the time yet - it's on my 2014 list!

What I have come to realise is that Christmas time can motivate me to do almost anything, and although I love the present giving, family time and traditions, I find myself thinking we must ensure that we bring the children up to appreciate the real meaning of Christmas. To be thankful for all we have, some years we will have little and some we will have plenty. To know that God has our best interests at heart and loves to see us being child like when it comes to him - the excitement we have for Christmas as children should be the excitement we have when it comes to God.  Not always easy when you've had tough times, but even more reason to put things in perspective.

If this time of year is difficult, or you are feeling heavy with pressures that are currently going on in your life, then take some time to rediscover your excitement, for Christmas, for God, for good times to come - have faith in Him that the new year will bring new adventures, challenges, and ultimately bring you closer to Him.

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