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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Disaster Christmas

Well everyone, I truly hope you had a fantastic Christmas!? We did not. Actually I think it's our worst ever Christmas so far!

As of Christmas Eve, Erin came down with the notorious sickness bug that is doing the rounds at the moment. We had to cancel our friends coming over Christmas Day and it just wasn't the same. We attempted Christmas Dinner anyway, which the girls refused and Mr Strong and I ended up eating separately because Caleb needed a bottle halfway through - not quite the wonderful meal I had planned!lol!

Lara caught the bug Christmas Day evening, so Boxing Day was cancelled and my eagerly anticipated trip back to the midlands to see my family was postponed until February. I won't lie, I had an almighty pity party for a day or two. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, and we'd shaken the bug, Erin seemed to have it again. We have spent the last two weeks battling it to no avail.

New Years Day was great, the first day we were free of it and ventured out for a walk, only for the bug to rear it's head again. I can't express how disappointing our Christmas and New Year holiday has been! Our whole time that Mr Strong was off work, we have mostly been house bound but the worst thing has been not seeing any of our friends or family.

I have read a few things where people have said they've had the same but the important thing was everyone was together and that made it special. Sorry guys, I don't agree!! Yes, we had a fairly relaxing and probably needed break but after all we have been through in the last few months, it has just tipped me over the edge.

What I have learnt is that sharing our lives with other people it such a key part of our family, and our family has learnt to cope with not having much as we journey to becoming debt free, but when you then take out the pleasures of being with others and not being able to even get out to enjoy a simple walk, it makes you realise how precious the simple things are.

On a happier note, I have a new project for the new year, and was hoping for it to be live by now but due to our ill health it's not quite ready. I have a new blog in the pipeline, which will replace this one. It will still be similar content but with a face lift and reorganisation! So I do apologise if my posts will be a little quiet for a while but keep coming back - I'll announce the new blog in the next few weeks!

Have a wonderful beginning of the new year, and take some time to share your life with family and friends as soon as you can - because it's one of the richest things in life!


  1. Sorry you've had illness about but it is at times like these you teach your little ones the importance of being a close knit family unit. you won't always have other people to pick you up and surround you, it sounds like you'd prefer to be with friends than your husband but your family and more importantly your relationship with your husband will grow if you discover how to make the most out of a bad situation.

  2. close friendships are important, but not when they take priority over your family, you make it sound like you'd rather be anywhere and with anyone rather than at home.
    Your family is what you make it to be but if you'd rather be with other people what is that teaching your children about you and "Mr Strong".
    Make the most of being together and create a close knit environment, so when you are stuck in the house together it will feel special. an oportunity for duvet days, indoor games, films, use your imagination. don't let them grow up thinking that the only way they can enjoy themselves is by going out and meeting other family and friends. create that strong closeness at home first and foremost.

    1. Perhaps I wasn't clear in my meaning of this post - I adore spending time with my husband and children, there is nothing more important than family time. What I meant was that we had planned a completely different Christmas with close friends who we all get on well with and consider family, and who we haven't spent proper time with for a while. I was disappointed that we weren't able to see them or the rest of my family, who I also haven't seen for a while. Spending time with my family whilst we are all taking it in turns to be ill, and spending that time crisis managing isn't what I had wanted. Mr Strong and I have an excellent and close relationship, and have (and still do) support each other wholeheartedly through everything. Being stuck inside and spending time together is not a problem when you can enjoy games etc, but when you have children up through the night and day being ill it's difficult to enjoy the time. We have a good closeness in our family, I hope that is now clarified.


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