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Monday, 27 January 2014

"My shorts are twisted!?"

Today is a difficult day, I'm not going to lie. Today is a day where I have sat in the toilet for a couple of minutes peace and cried to let out my frustration, tiredness and relieve the feeling that I am drowning!

I have housework in abundance that needs my attention, but as it is wet outside I thought it'd be fun to build a tent for the girls with the airer, ironing board, and old sheet and a couple of blankets. All was delightful for about 15 minutes until everything started descending into chaos. Having three children means no matter how much I can multi task, I simply CANNOT get to all my children at the same time in order to help them or give them the attention they want at every point in the day.

Caleb has started teething, which despite Lara still waiting for all of her teeth, I had forgotten how horrible it is for all parties to begin with. Erin has started pre school and is loving it, but now needs a lot more attention and wants to have full blown conversations with you - which is great until it's when Caleb is screaming his lungs out and Lara has decided the toilet brush is an undiscovered magical toy!

Having taken two hours to eat my lunch (which was not very big!) trying to deal with the demands being put before me, and finally got Caleb to sleep (after fighting with a bottle with him, changing him, being weed on whilst he had a nappy and clothes on - that still baffles me (!!) and resorting in desperation to Calpol "just because"!) and have sat down with a cup of tea. It doesn't matter that it tastes completely metallic because we have a new kettle, what matters is that it is warm, and sweet, and in a big mug!!! I am truly British - a cup of tea solves most problems for a short period of time.

Having completely lost the plot when Erin told me for the millionth time that a piece of clothing was "twisted", I threw the said clothing across the room and she is happily running around half dressed!lol! Never did I think that tights would cause me so much grief in the day. Never did I think Princess shoes could potentially start the next world war, and NEVER did I think that I would literally use the phase "Be Careful!" until it completely lost all meaning!!

"No expectations" was the piece of advise that one of my best friends gave me, and I am still struggling to take it on board - I want to have no expectations, but that just frustrates me even more. Having three REALLY young children at home is so INTENSE. It's the funniest thing in the world to watch Erin take on a role when she is dressing up, and thrilling to hear Lara successfully pronounce new words, and heart warming when Caleb grins as I come up to him. But it is HARD. I have read a number of hilarious blog posts from other mummy bloggers recently about the reality of life with a young family and it is keeping me going knowing I'm not the only one. Knowing that although I feel like I'm going mental a number of times throughout the day, so are other mums all over the world. Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband to come home and rescue me every day. To all those single mummies out there - you are AMAZING!

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